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Deadly Roads of Delhi

Honey Sing is safe with all the blessings of his fans. The rumour was controlled by a post on a micro-blogging site.

” News of YoYo’s accident is a fake rumour must be spread by some haters. Please don’t bother and Keep blessing YoYo”

The rumour of projected misfortune turned into a reality no a sad note. India lost one of his hope in Parliament. Modi Govt. lost one contributor of their historical victory. I think, after Rajesh Pilot, such news in on media again. This time, for Gopinath Munde, everything is more unfortunate. Cause, it is not the driver, it is the Delhi Traffic, who took his life away!

Dear Government, wake up! take some serious steps. As per a 2012 study, the number of registered vehicles in Delhi is just 74.53 Lakh! Total population: 1.8 Cr (2014).


Believe it or not, Here are some Delhi road snaps for you.




The roads are booked by cars and a very little room for even bikers. Forget about the people, walking (Crossing) the streets. Red-light are their, but nobody cares! As a street walker I have met more ladies drivers, speeding up their cars ignoring red-light signals.

Lets stop complaining, here are few solutions, to control Delhi Traffic.

1. More organized public transport system with premium facilities: Delhi Metro is the only organized and publicly accepted public transport system where people turn of their car engines and take a ride via Metro! Even Delhi Girls too enjoy a Metro-ride. Oh! how can I forget Delhi Red-Bus services. People knows these buses exists and exists with few numbers. You need to do an in-depth research to understand, what the numbers mean actually and what are the routes and stops. If we talk about their frequency, No-body knows, what timetable they actually follow. Some more parallel services.  The services should touch more points with frequent services to become more affordable.

2: Proper Traffic System: A car owner can easily afford INR 200 to offer a corrupted traffic police but the same car owner can not repay for an accident. So, no more monitory amount, count the performance of traffic police counting the traffic rule breakers behind bar. Punish them, by putting into jail for 24 hours. They will start giving value to the rules.

3: Boost the pending infrastructure: Pending road/over-bridge construction work damages the transportation system by debris or other digging works. So, make it OK to use and let the people use the maximum road.

4. More smoother the road, more faster the traffic: Till now there are many vehicle populated points in Delhi, where the road is the major issue to have slower traffic speed.

5: Allow FDI: People can afford more, so for few routs, you can allow some more private companies with all the security questions for women. It will change the transportation face of India.



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