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New Modi Cabinet has an ‘Apple Face’?

ImageMerging is a widely accepted corporate strategy for companies, those aim a faster growth in financial terms and market share. When merging is in Govt system, we call it a Modi Governance of promised excellence! A cabinet of 45 is going to implement a proven successful corporate governance structure in the Government! My belief, this is not the final number. The total number of cabinets can be 50-55, though the basic structure implemented by Modi is just a moderated version of his Gujarat Model. Smaller cabinet and better governance! This theory is much advanced and appropriate than Manmohan’s “Group of Minister Mechanism ((GoM)”.
Let me explain,
Centralization of Power: Less number of cabinet ministers means the power is centralized in the team. If the number increase by 10, doesn’t matter, the new model is centralizing the power of authority. This comes with a very positive phrase, “Leadership Focused Management” which may lead to a drastic change for any organization. Few things, those counts in such system I want to count on those factors too,
  • It makes life easier for the people inside the system.
  • The system don’t need more discussions, normally Indian Govt is famous for long time discussions in various issues. Coz the decision making power is with dept head or seniors. The system will be quick and can take the country on a fast-track development.
  • Involvement of Senior Executives: This is more effective than GoM mechanism. Less number of top management and more talented
  • Clear-cut and to the point model.
  • Less Error.
  • More Visibility across the process.
  • Less operational Cost and Time.
The details are available on web though the structure is not prominent yet! It seems the structure is going to be something like this:
ImageReally? Yes! this structure is justifying few things.
  1. Less Cabinet Member
  2. Merger among departments
  3. Centralized Leadership focused.
  4. Single window clearance
Surprisingly the structure resembles with a historic management structure of Apple.
ImageHistory knows the successful implementation of the structure and the performance of the organization. Modi did not tried to make the new governance structure a bit flexible.
Modi is going to rule the system and Jobs was known for his dictator characteristics. So, sometimes, this structure can confuse the end users of the system. This model can be successful ever a country can expect till Modi is with his development focused intentions and after Modi, this structure will be abolished! Anyone can not handle this structure. So, till the time Modi is leading or representing India, let us expect a fast-track Govt on the highway of development.

One response to “New Modi Cabinet has an ‘Apple Face’?

  1. pinaki pratihar June 7, 2014 at 9:52 p06

    The observation was correct:


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