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Kejri-wall: It’s Wrong Time to Ring the Bell

Just got a call from an unknown number with a recorded voice message of someone from Aam Aadmi Party clarifying the Jail issues of Arvind Kejriwal! Few days in Jail, will not convert you into Gandhiji! Kejriwal, this is not a good time to buzz over media. Your PR efforts will have no results now.

ImageThe nation just had a Loksabha poll effect and people are tired of political allegations and issues. All the newsmakers are tired and people are tired watching or reading the same kind of political stories.

New Political Trend: People are more interested to know about the Modi Jobs. Not like you who actually don’t know what responsibility is.

I don’t believe Kejriwal: It can be true, you are a good human. Being a good human does not assure you will be a good leader. Kejriwal, that much you should focus you have in your ability. Once you have proved your complete imbalanced condition in power and you left your responsibility without considering the future of the capital of India! WTF!

Kejriwal, your misfortune is your attitude. When you felt if it is easy to get the power of Delhi within one year, you expected more, even you started dreaming to be the PM of India! What actually you did, being a CM of Delhi? You just gave people a helpline number, that people have no clue if the helpline is still working or not. Still, your attitude is like son-in-law of the nation!

It’s not just Modi, who won: It’s not only Modi who won the election. It is the people of India, who became united under a name to assure a great nation and growth-focused govt. You don’t have any prominent contribution to this historical poll result.

Having a tongue doesn’t allow you to talk: Even a street dog does the same! Everything that counts is your work. Do you ever think why jokes on you are so popular like Rahul Gandhi Jokes? Because common people keep the same feelings about you, they share it, they like it. You are an IIT student, you must know, viral marketing only happens when common people are connected with the matter.

Even media is against you: Kejriwal, once you were promoted by media, Congress, Anna and now, you have none of these above! I can understand the feelings of the auto driver, who slapped you. Kejri-Wall, go to hell!


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