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Alia Bhatt: Funny Buzz Continues on Media

She is damn attractive, she is damn successful in her early phase of career and she has a strong family base to get references and recalled among all the Bollywood directors and producers! She is only 21 years old and already she has three consecutive box-office successful movies! Yes! I am talking about Alia Bhatt!

I never wrote blogs on Bollywood personalities. when I watched her reacting on the set of ‘Coffee with Karan’, It seemed immature but not funny. People made fun of her knowledge and the search trend is more in USA than India! really! At-least my blog stats shows the same. About 50% of search engine clicks are from USA.

These jokes will make her matured, frustrated or finished!

Really? She will not be finished. Rather on a good note, this jokes facts will teach her the importance of Education.

Take these discussions aside. Let us find some more latest jokes on Alia Bhatt.

Alia Bhatt on Modi’s Swearing ceremony:



Ok! Ok! making fun of celebrities, is not only USA style! Alia Bhatt too have the responsibilities; she delivers continuous boosters to media, like this one:


Or, she can be sweeter like a passionate french kiss like this one:


Yes! She did it on a Indian Public TV show! An immediate effect of some booster from Kapil Sharma!

I mean we had done enough with her jokes jokes on her. Media will keep talking on her again and again. Fact is, everybody is in love with this baby girl! Stunning Alia! Hot! In Love With Alia! Dating proposals are so many open letter to her.  Really! Wanna check?

Here we go……


Oh Sorry! I tried to pick something good about her. May be next time. Definitely, not on the day she had created a buzz for wardrobe malfunction! Have fun.. Smile and enjoy the day.



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