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7 Career Options for Sonia Gandhi

Chef: Sonia Gandhi is a passionate cook. She can start her own restaurant chain. From Pizza to Pasta, the former house wife can put the most of her efforts with a royal touch!


B-School Professor: A failure knows the rules to reach success more than the successful person. When the successful person failed, the experience is more valuable for any Management student. She can deliver good lectures on Leadership, Internal politics, business laws and ethics!

ImageTranslator: She knows so many languages! She can speak nine languages including French and German. So! She has good career aspects as language expert.

ImageArt-Expert and Trader: Very few people know, she has done a course in art restoration and paintings.

ImageBoutique Shop: She keeps a great passion on handloom saris and boutiques. So, in sort, an Italian store with Indian style. Great!

ImageJoining an Embassy: I think, Modi Govt. should think about appointing her, especially in Italy. Sonia Gandhi is found of Coffee and the biggest buyer of Indian Coffee is Italy. Definitely it can boost the coffee exports.

ImageBrand Ambassador for Rahul’s Women Empowerment Project: The need of a baby, only a mother can understand better.



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