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What Rahul Gandhi Will Do Now?

Completely flopped with his political career, Rahul Gandhi is seeking better career options and just registered his profile with It was a late realization for him but reportedly he started thinking about better career options when Arnab Goswami asked him a simple question, “Are you a politician?”

Rahul Gandhi is just a projected character like Dr. Manmohan Singh. A party needs a leader, who doesn’t have any decision making power and confidence. So that rest of the leaders can make a mesh with the absolute power. I hope, Rahul Gandhi knows how to use internet and how to search in Google. Else, he can learn it from the ministers caught watching porn in Parliament. It is easier to realize for him, that his political career has been finished or damaged.

Now Mr. Gandhi can pick up few career options:


Handsome guy of Indian politics with a half Chromosome made in Italy. Don’t worry, Indian people easily accept the half Indian actors like Sunny Leone, Katrina, etc. Rahul Gandhi can make a sound entry with ‘Rahul Gandhi Ka Swayamvar’.


It is a common trait of professors; they always are confused and make people confused! Who can do it better than Rahul Gandhi, who just confused a century old party in Election?

ImageStand-up Comedian:

Colors should consider this as their next TRP booster. Just two people can make the world laugh! Just Rahul Gandhi and Arnab Goswami. This show will have highest TRP ever in the history of television. Name it, Comedy Nights with Rahul.


Definitely Rahul Gandhi has a great imagination power. Though he sounds absurd, for a long speech, short and limited expressions are catchy. “Poverty is a state of mind”- who can say like this? He can better write, ‘poverty is the national gift by Congress’. Rahul Baba, empower your women via blogs. Best way! You will never miss any Chota Bheem episode.


Endorse Pogo channels, and many products! For next 20 years, it will have a special coverage on every media.

ImageShut Up!

Just stay dumb! Let Modi develop the country. Don’t interrupt.


Stay On Track and Wait:

Be focused on your development projects and empowerment missions. If you can’t do this as a minister, join or form an NGO. If you have a strong willpower, no one can stop you. Even like Gujarat Model, you can brand an Amethi Model! Can you do that Rahul Gandhi?



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