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#AaRahiHaiModiSarkar: A Happy & Hopeful India


16th May 2014. So many good things in India and positive vibes across India. Lets taste some positiveness on the very special day. People are excited and expecting a exponentially positive booster to Indian Economy. Today I noticed all the office boys, data-entry people, managers, executives are happy about the result. Even my mom, who never talked about politics, called me up to express her excitement about the new Govt! The Chayewala near my office building with a smiley face, “Aur Sir, Modi Ji Jeet Gaye Hain”.

Facebook, Twitter are only flashing one name, “Modi”

One of my friend posted, “Har Har Modi.. Ghar Ghar Modi.” another one I liked, “I took an Off to Support My Modi. Go Modi , GO India”


And, What about me? I am very happy. I am feeling like I can see the road to success and I can feel the speed, Modi is going to lead us to reach there. My last request to Modi Ji,

Dear MODI Ji
In your quest and eagerness to replicate Gujarat model….
Please do not make India a dry nation.
I cannot drive to neighboring countries




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