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#BreakingStereoTypes & Smart Way To Find Your Partner


Marriage is a mirage. Do you think so?

People think, they marry, they have babies and get older with their partners. Having a legal partner is a social necessity. Matchmaker is a traditional concept. Time and technology transformed the matchmaker factor from known elder agent and relatives to online portals.,, and so many players are everyday being threaten by new entry. Online matrimony sites are profitable business even facing a growth rate, more than online job portals in India. India’s online matrimony biz will acquire a market size of Rs.1500 crore by 2017 from Rs.520 crore at present, says ASSOCHAM study.

The study also identified 25-34 Years age group to be more interested on such portals. Putting up their resume and waiting for best matches. This process had become easier and perfect. released the new face of social media based matchmaking with few digital experts of and

When I started using Facebook, someone told me, your every comments and likes are going to be counted someday. counts. Your social activities, likes and interests from two leading social media platform Facebook and LinkedIn is going to help you to score your profile a good point on the matchmaking portal.

#BreakingStereotypes: has launched a social media campaign which is trending on Facebook. They named it #BreakingStereotypes. The campaign was launched on 4th April 2014 and till now about 6000 likes on Facebook Official page (Joined Facebook on 20th February 2014).

Content: presented series of pictures under #BreakingStereotypes theme. The motto is to show the likeability between couples ignoring their cultural, economical or geographical barrier. A Bengali can prefer butter chicken, though the so-called idea is Bengalis just love fish and Rasagulla. The percentage can be less; it is easier to find out from the portal. Every picture breaks the common ideas about people from a community or geography.Image

Content Relevance: Ever Picture represents the special search ability of the online platform. Destroying the traditional concepts of searching a partner the contents clearly specify its national reach. Contents are shareable and on personality traits or demographics. So, the contents are shareable. Youth centric pictures easily attract the mid-age people. Funny and creative way that tells us stories on different lives.

Content Likeability: The content is likeable as it is carrying a tune of social empowerment and powered by a concept of a nation. The concepts of Kashmir and North-East Asia came up with the simplest messages ever. Like the below pics:

ImageImageOther social Issues like Jaat issues has became prominent.

ImageOr the economic factors and lifestyle concepts ImageImageEvery picture is just a concept against an existing concept. Too much relevant with the changing society and advanced mindset. Most important thing is for each cases, the character who is telling you the story is a common youth like you and me.


Try newer, the same format will not work for longtime. Make it more story based. Contents are shareable when it is about love, tell the universe those stories that inspired you to go for #BreakingStereoTypes. How two-state typo relations work or the proved chemistry between like-minded partners. The relevancy in this age and your partners, put up their dating stories via photo-graphs or blogs.

TrulyMadly definitely made a nice entry in the market and creating the buzz perfectly. It requires more profiles to become successful and for that it require some social media engagement strategies. Not only by liking the Facebook page, rather by registering themselves. Oh! One thing, please mention it prominently, whether you are going to publish/post anything on user’s Facebook wall? If your answer is ‘No’. Make the message prominent. Sometimes, people don’t want to get noticed in their circle for such activities.

Here are some result of #BreakingStereoTypes Campaign published by the organization:

Campaign Outcome

Campaign Outcome


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