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Rabindranath’s Most Visible Contributions To Indian Society



If you are an Indian, you definitely have a ‘Rabindranath Impact’ on your character, culture and life. If you are a Bengali, you are carrying minimum 40% Rabindranath Tagore in mental ingredients! Today is his 154th birth anniversary and I must say, he is one of the very first international Indian figures. If you know a little about him, don’t worry, anybody spent a hole life on his works, knows a little too. One-liner answer of all discussions: you can not describe him in a class room lecture or on research papers! 

I am not trying the impossible just typing few words on my blog page. We, Indians are always carrying few creations of him. Every Indian feel that in their life. 

1. Jana Gana Mana: Everybody knows the national anthem was written by Tagore. Not only India, Bangladesh and SriLanka’s national anthem is written by the same person.

Image2. Geetanjali: A collection of poems, better say it a collection of all the high level theories of life and feelings. 



3. Mahatma: The title, ‘Mahatma’ was given by R N Tagore. Gandhi-Gurudev’s story, today seems like a myth. 

Image4. Visva Bharati: Do you know Santiniketan? Check out websites. One of the finest places of cultural practices and education in India. Santiniketan maintains the Vedic Ashram tradition in education.  



5. Nobel Prize: India’s first Nobel Prize came with R N Tagore for literature. Unfortunately the original medal was stolen.  



6. Rabindra Sangeet: The songs of Rabindranath Tagore. This covers the universe. Rabindra Sangeet is unique for its tune and special for the words used in it. This has been accepted as a separate category of music, that you can title as classical or modern. Songs of Tagore is eternal. 


7. Drama: Rabindranath took the Indian Drama culture to a next high. Chitrangada, Amal are few world-famous characters. Dance Drama ‘Chitrangada’ is one of his world famous work. 



8: Ekla Chalo Re: Mahatma Gandhi’s favorite song and Netaji’s inspiration. Amitabh Bachchan made the latest contribution for this song. A R Rahman too worked with this song before. The song inspires us to reach unafraid into the depths of our souls. 



Done. Now Listen to the music, by this below link:


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