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Funny Jokes on #TigerShroff

Family matters! this was the truth of any Industry. Rajiv Gandhi born and started dreaming to be the future PM of India! Rohan Gavaskar born with a cricket bat! What I am trying to say is, people are considering power and skills to be inherited. Even this has been more specific. People are not going to family, either father or mother, so #FatherMatters.  Look at Nilekani family! A company is supposed to flow within family relations! Now, here we have Tiger Shroff. If Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhat, Shraddha Kapoor is doing great, of-course he can. I don’t know what he did in his movie, Heropanti. I don’t have any interest, even someone offer me a free ticket!


But the fun thing about Tiger Shroff has created a buzz on social media. Now after Alia Bhat, we have a newcomer in Bollywood industry to have some fun. Someone correctly said, three things matter, Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment.

Lets check out the funny tweets on #TigerShroff


Latest One:

On a PETA campaign Alia Bhatt says, “Adopt, never buy an animal”

She is going to adopt Tiger Shroff.


2 responses to “Funny Jokes on #TigerShroff

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  2. funny clips October 24, 2014 at 9:52 p10

    nice i like this thanks for sharing this.


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