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John Oliver On India Election: Three Reasons Why World should Notice

Ahw! John, you made it. You just proved few eternal truths. Media should go with statistics and rich content. Forget what CNN-IBN India mistaken and what Arnab Goswami repeated over and over. International Media, talks a lot of Rape in Indian subcontinent. US Media talks a lot about terrorism and end it with India or as shown. Thanks John Oliver, for taking on this big issue on such an International Platform. Last few Updates on India section of WSJ-US Edition are like, Nokia CEO, Ban over Indian Mango, Molecular Masala etc etc.

John Oliver took up many facts to make Indian Election to be more attractive. Few things, he have missed out:


45% India Depends Upon this Election:

2014 Indian Election is going to decide the future of India. Cause, people of age group between 26-55 years accounts 40.4% of Indian population, after 5 years will become a set of age group of 31-60. In next 5 years, either this 40% population will be in no condition to work or they will face a liner job-growth. A 5% population with age more than 55 years will wait for their death. People within the age bracket of 0-25, mostly will be dependable on the income of this 40.4% Indian. The performance of next Govt. matters! The nation’s ethics, mental health, growth and global relations will depend on this.


By The People for The People:

The most important thing is, Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal these people are chosen by the people months ahead of the election. Modi was not the first preference of UPA/BJP. Kejriwal was just a name and social activist. Public support made these people national leader. Party members were afraid of losing the election to design the campaign focusing on only Modi. It was the million Indians took the ‘Chayewala’ as a major contestant for the PM position.


Election Spending on #2 in the World:

The cost of marketing and promotions for election campaign! World’s second most expensive election is taking place in India. An estimated cost of $5 – $8bn! (Source: Centre for Media Studies). Who says, India is a poor country. John Oliver, you are right! After such kind of investment, Indian election is not able to attract rest of the world!


Watch the media clip of John Oliver



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