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Shame on You: #Mumbai

Vote 2014

Vote 2014

Unexpected! Anybody can rule Mumbai. Out of 10, 3 people cast their vote. So, go for any two of them and rest 8 people don’t care. Lowest vote percentage among all major cities and Twitter is requesting them to go out and Vote. Mumbaikars had made this a holiday. Funny thing is, few days ago Raj Thackeray came on a news channel and expressed his desire to be the CM of Maharashtra. Don’t worry Mr. Thackeray it is a easy job for you. At least, Mumbai People don’t care, who comes in and who goes out.

Lakme salons offered a 50% off on haircut, for the customers cast their vote. Red FM took the buzz over everything with DDB Mudramax via “Dabaa Ke Bajaa”. Star-Tweets and selfie. Mumbai people proved one more time, they feel more heat in-front of a small screen with a dumb reality show.  Many malls and retail outlets offered discounts on products to encourage Mumbai people to cast their vote. Hopeless!

Check out some funny comments on Mumbai Voting rates..


A city shows guides the country. Towns, small cities follow your trends. Mumbai, you just painted your face with dark black. Use it on your finger.


2 responses to “Shame on You: #Mumbai

  1. dennis April 24, 2014 at 9:52 p04

    i guess because of long lines in poll booth, people don’t vote in mumbai(and other populated cities)..some way should be devised to make it convenient for them to vote(online voting, or more poll booths, voting via sms, etc).

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  2. pinaki pratihar April 24, 2014 at 9:52 p04

    Indian Govt gave it a try by launching Aadhaar Card. The project is not successful yet! Few basic things are there in India, tough to be online (or via SMS) because of huge population, Internet security and data security issues. If this is possible any day, the national expenditure on Voting process will be reduced by 1/20th and the promotional campaigns will reduce by 1/10th (Lets say). This can be a issue to be resolved but not an excuse. If Mumbai common people can wait in the queue for 2 hours in-front of Shree Siddhivinayak Temple. They can wait for 5 hours in-front of a film-studio. They can handle the over-crowded trains…. they can vote. .


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