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ZooZoo: Back Again with #IPL7

jaimin-bhagat-zoozoo1Zoozoo is back with IPL and Zoozoo is back with Ogily. On Twitter, it had contributed a huge content to IPL. Lets check out what people are saying.



Now this measures the success of an ad campaign. Positive tone of every message. Clearly IPL-ZooZoo had created a co-branding combination. The return on investment? We will count later.

The visitors on Youtube is lesser than expected. Around 5.5K on first day for ‘ZooZoo Got Talent” and around 3 K YouTube hits for ZooZoo Quiz Show TVC (In One Day). Another reason, for not being shared online: the content is available on TV and maximum people had watched this repeatedly.

Less sharing is definitely a reason. Zoozoo’s Quiz Show got 558 likes and 24 share in first posting on Vodafone Zoozoos’ official Facebook page in first three hours.

Few people disliked the TVCs still everyone is excited for some more creativity upcoming.

If you have missed it, click on…..




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