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#FranklySpeaking: Raj Thackeray


What an Interview! Definitely After Frankly Speaking with Rahul Gandhi, I saw an vis-a-vis situation today with Raj Thackeray. Clearly Raj don’t want him outside Maharashtra and he has a fixed follower. He don’t care to be politically correct. When his politics will fail, he can use his power, his followers. Arnab mistaken or wanted to show this point. He don’t need to answer all the questions and he will not reply, if you use the same words in different context.

But it was today’s news maker. It was like a Engineering professor asking a first year student, “What the shit you are talking about?” or “I will throw out of my class, if I see you sleeping one more time”

What ever it is, people know the facts and inner meanings much better. I don’t want to make any comment on Raj and I am sure, people too thought about posting anything on social media. Lets take a look, what people are saying:



Liked it? If you were not busy with IPL, you must have seen the interview. Many people dumped IPL match for this interview like me. If you missed it, check if there is any repeat telecast or Reach YouTube. It will make you to think different about Media, ‘Gundaraaz’ and politics.



Check this out:

Raj Thackrey: ‘sits on a chair’

Arnab: Mr Raj that is my chair

RT: Tujhe chair HOTI samajhlas ka?

Arnab: Theek hai


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