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One Person Can Change The World – To Change The Name of a River


An incident from my childhood memories, I forgot the names and the places. It was front page coverage on popular regional daily. A father used to sit beside a river with a placard for years. The placard had the name of his daughter.

‘Mad! Completely Mad!’

Yes! Mad he was. Her college going daughter was raped brutally, killed and the body was thrown into the river by some political leader-on power. The unfortunate father asked for justice. Police denied to record and the scope to reach the court was too far for him. He waited for six months and there was no progress. Relatives, neighbors started consoling him to forget the event as an accident. It was tough for the retired postman. He did nothing; made few placards displaying his daughter’s name and started positioning them across the river. He was not asking any kind justice, he wanted to rename the river by his daughter. Initially, people laughed at him. It took another six months for him to get noticed. Meanwhile, the retired postmaster walked so many miles to spread his voice to change the name of the river.

And after six months, the news was on a daily. Police registered FIR and the politician was behind the bar. I don’t know if the name of the river was changed or not. My point is, one person can make big changes if dedication is invested into the matter.

Lots of problems in our society and unfortunately we need such people to change the rules.

We will come up with such examples of one person can change the society. If you know any story please share on MANAGEMENT BLOGGER FACEBOOK PAGE.


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