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Why I don’t Vote


‘Meet my friend; she is new in our office… Just joined’

I looked at the girl, her first appearance clears that she is a ‘bookish kind of girl’. Definitely she was a college topper and regular to classes in collage days. I had a bad allergy for such girls; normally they have nothing to talk about nightlife, wave around hot coffee or a healthy date. The only thing they are comfortable with is job profile, research techniques, more clients and all….

I started finding out some topic that can make her interested. So I started with a social issue. Vote!!

I got to know that she belongs to a town on the border of West Bengal and Jharkhand. She is staying with one of her friend in Delhi. I asked, “When you are going to Vote? Better you apply for leave from now, otherwise it will be tough to get permissions”. I said as I believe, “Everybody should Vote”.

She called up the office boy and asked two coffees. “I don’t Vote”

What happened miss topper? Don’t you know this is the biggest power you have as an Indian? I talked to myself. I think she read my expression that I am looking for some more explanation on this decision.

She took a sip of hot coffee and said, ‘Would you like to hear a story?’

I think it is going to be another boring session over coffee. Still, I can hear that as I am not Karan Johar and can’t expect Sonam Kapoor across me for a chit-chat with a coffee. I said yes!

She narrated an awesome story. I think every Indian need to know the insights of the story. I am not changing anything, just as it is:

“ My place is on border and a major chunk of the population is tribes. So, the election candidates from big parties are mostly the leaders from tribe society. They get the fund from agents and party funds, distribute bottles of local whiskey or dresses before election and the party can reach major people by such distribution process, will be the winner!

You can remember few years ago when cable lines allowed its viewers to look across the cameras of Loksabha. It was Loksabha TV that created a buzz, we can watch ‘our leaders’. It was exciting for everybody but not more than a lady, ‘wife of the MLA’. Her husband on air afterall.

We had Purnima, whose husband was the local MLA. Purnima was a primary school drop-out and had lesser time to concentrate on any other things than managing her guests and servants. She watched the channel a complete day but could not identify her husband. She called up her husband and told him to wear a colorful shirt next day (Laal aur pila wala shirt jo maine aapko pasand karke di thi, oh wala pahenke jaiega).
Mr. MLA said ok.

Next day Purnima called all of her friends and started watching the Channel. After almost three hours, suddenly a child shouted up, ‘Mamaji ko dikha rahe hain, Mamaji ko dikha rahe hain (Uncle is on air)” The searching process ends here though the realization was spell bound! Mr MLA was sleeping in the last row with few of his friends.

At night, Purnima called up her husband,

-“Ji, aapka tabiyat thik hain na?” (Are you ok?)

-Haan bilkul, kya hua? ( I am perfect, what happened?)

-Aap office main so rahe the. (You were sleeping at your working place)

– Oh! Kuch nehi pagli, etna kaam hote hain ki son eke time hi nehi milti. (Too much work, no time to sleep)”

Our coffee was about to finish. This is not a one day story; these people have a good time pass at Loksabha, taking power nap, chatting over mobile, watching porn and by so many means. And, those, who can’t speak except election campaigns, just sleep like a backbencher.

Now you tell me, should I waste my leaves and travel for two days to assure that one can sleep in a Governmental air-conditioned building.



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