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Rahul Speaks to Arnab: Story of a Sacrifice

ImageThank you, Congress! I am really happy with the performances just done on Times Now by your VP Rahul Gandhi. It was like a Bollywood Masala Movie. I laughed, I smiled, I got emotional and angry! An awesome interview session Mr. Arnab Goswami! Thanks a lot. You just cleared a misconception I was carrying from my childhood.

The interview recalled me a very old and popular story. A boy from a village, who spends most of his time in gossiping was called for an oral examination in his school as he was unable to pass the written exams. He never read his books. Unfortunately, at the last moment, he realized that a good performance in this oral exam can promote him to the next standard. Suddenly he became so desperate to know something. He waited at the exit point of the interview hall, from where he can listen to the answers. 

Inside the hall, the teacher asked a student. 

Q. Who is the best cricket player in India?

A. Sachin Tendulkar 

Q. Who reached the moon first?

A. Laika

Q. Is there any life in Mercury Planet?

A. Scientists are researching. 

Now its turn for our student. He was asked three simple questions. 

What is your name?

What is your father’s name?

Are you mad?

unfortunately, the student repeated the answers, he managed to hear!

From the interview, I have figured out few things.

1: Rahul Gandhi is not scared of anything. (He should not be. He has nothing to lose anymore.)

2: Everything Congress has done till date, is to empower people. And now they are aiming to empower Women. It takes so many years to shift their focus.

3: Rahul hates to comment on Gujarat riot as state govt was supporting the riot at that time. But probably few Congressmen were involved in 1984 massacre. Though Govt was trying to stop the riots of 1984.

4: Rahul Gandhi wants RTI in every political party (with special control). Congress has RTI, but Press and Judiciary system don’t have it and Rahul don’t have any comment on Ashok Chavan act. He will wait for the judiciary decisions to take any action on Ashok! Cases on V Singh is also in a no-comment zone as it is not Rahul’s Job.

4: Rahul never comments on any scam cases. He just reports to the PM. He is not someone doing a party for money or power. He requests PM to take care of inflation and price hike. (Still, he will be liable if Cong got defeated)

5: To change the system by making it open, Rahul is doing things dangerous for the system. (Whose system, what system?)

6: Things Rahul want can not be discussed in 5 minutes. It is difficult (Even 10 years is not enough for Rahul). He loves to be asked about how he is going to do things. (Dream Business)

7: India and congress resulted into the fastest economic growth ever consistently for last 10 years. (Rahul Jee, please Google it.

8: AAP doesn’t have process or structure like Cong. (Quite natural. These structures were made by your grandfather and father. In comparison AAP is just a child.)

9: Rahul is choosing a candidate is a proper and transparent process.

10: Rahul is bringing in youngsters.

My Take: 

Please, Rahul, spend some time with your Mom, at least you can speak some good English.

An interview is about what you have done, and a promotional campaign is about what you are going to do. Such demands are expected from you, I know your family is quite habituated with such fake promises and promotional campaigns.

Thank you, Arnab. When I was in school, I wanted to be a journalist. Today after the interview I realized that I am lucky enough that I am not a journalist. I could have to do anything to a person sitting opposite to me and replying in such immature way. Specially when everything is about the position of PM!

End it with a Jokes….

Arnab : What is your view on Arvind Kejriwal ?
Rahul : He is the leader of an opposition party.
Hahahaha…. Comedy Night with Rahul…



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