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Three Decades and Three Generations: ‘Queen of all Bengali Hearts’ Suchitra Sen no more


Bengalis all over the world, had a heart-fail today morning. I am a part of that crowed too.

Society, media and preferences are the falls and cascades those running and getting modified faster than the time. But her life never faced such changes infact Suchitra Sen is constant forever. Time, age, inflation, sensex, controversy, media madness never effected her. For people like us, who are captivated by her beauty, acting, emotions and on-screen romantic note; Mrs Sen is the eternal thousand watt smile of million emotions.

Sen was born in Pabna(Bangladesh) and made her debut with ‘Sharey Chuattor’ in 1953; as her first film was never released. It took only two years, in 1955 she received the best actress award for the film ‘Devdas’, her first hindi movie starring Vyjayanthimala and Dilip Kumar. In her three decade long film career she had gifted the society some evergreen movies like Aandhi, Deep Jwele Jaai, Saat Paake Bandha, Sagarika, Harano Sur, Saptapadi, Haar Maana Haar and …  .. so many cup-cakes and kisses you would love to watch her again and again. Her versatility … I am just nobody to comment on that. I can admire her, I can love the characters she had played so far, I can dream about the characters and can feel proud that Indian Film Society is so lucky; they have got such seniors in the very beginning.

The first time I read “The Witch of Portobello” I learned how a Female character can be narrated by various means and human need. I visualized it in Suchitra’s acting. If we consider Saptapadi, Rina Brown has moderated itself as the story flows. The self-proud girl to caring lady to a social character; the movie has all the prominent transformations of phases of life and relationship. Age, body, social maturity and her tone changes with the movie, with the script and the tone, except her deep black eyes.

Yes! These magical eyes taught my grandfather how to romance.

My father how to fall in love.

And me what love is.

In three decades, you are ruling three perfect generations. Mrs Sen, thank you for everything.



One response to “Three Decades and Three Generations: ‘Queen of all Bengali Hearts’ Suchitra Sen no more

  1. planriches January 23, 2014 at 9:52 p01

    Pinaki tomar lekha ta podlam . Besh bhalo laglo. Kotha ta khub theek.. amader.. baba thakur da ra enaar kache pronoy, bhalobasha shikhechilen…

    Tomar Blog ta bhari shundor. Amake pls bole debo WordPress e kemon kore eto shundor sajano jaye? Amar Blog ta lok wise besh boring..


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