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India: A Tough Time Ahead

ImageTough time, India!!

Not a new thing, but who ever comes to the power has to work out a lot.
Few concerns, any govt cannot ignore, India is experiencing every day. So, if someone is dreaming a government without considering the below factors, would be beaten-up in every steps. 2014 is going to be tougher than last five years because an expectation factor is working in every segment of initiatives. Indian is by nature emotional and love to expect something more, always.

1: Public Engagement and Social Media Raj: 

With about 13% internet penetration, no one can ignore the power of web-media in India. Social media has been one of the most powerful platforms to get a higher visibility. Important thing about online media is, people are talking about the contents of social media even when offline! Everyone connected with internet are able to make a transparent society where people speak about almost everything.

Not only Facebook or Twitter, Indian small scale industries are acquiring their dependable business partners and clients across the globe through LinkedIn with minimum communication cost. Business ideas and issues are being solved through webinar. International clients are being easier and social portals are notifying the demands on time. Indian business society is taking the facilities and specially start-ups are also counting dollars from international market.

2: Educated Indian middle class society 

Who knows where to lie and where to stand! They will take money from you promising vote and will put the ballot on another’s symbol. They are experienced from their life and aware of corruption. Today a middle class person knows the local political leader better than his wife. He may forget his son’s marks in last exam; he easily remembers the amount his local leader scammed in a recent project. Now Indian people don’t forget facts, they have all the facilities to recapitulate all the incidents.

3: Aam Aadmi Identity

Aam Aadmi identity was a threat to common people. Now this factor has been more powerful. People are more interested to know about someone like them, rather than stars and political identities. Check out daily serial stories, movie-trends, entertainment series, News coverage, you can find the relevancy for the point. Even the ‘Aam Aadmi’ factor was too much important for AAP.

4: Indian job market and growing educated society: 

The difference remains between educated and employable. In a recent report CII declared that only 33% job applicants are employable. The other 2/3rd has nothing to do with all the job opportunities. Govt has to take care of these educated people. They can be lead by some intelligent politics easily. They have a clear idea about development and they know, some road-construction projects before election is not sufficient.

5: Inflation and lower GDP growth

My friend started his career with a 20K income per-month and after his income after one year is 22K. After one year he is purchasing his favourite drinks, onion, chicken and green vegetables at a double or triple price. He has stopped saving account and stopped purchasing branded jeans every month! Now this is India!

6: Hope and Failure:

This combination is too bad and repetition of these two factors can create a revolution. Just check, if you feel the same!

  • Nirbaya case, so many people, so many coverage, normal action and judgement!
  • Low increment, higher expenditure!
  • Do more get less!
  • More expectation, more depression!
  • More roads, more cars, more traffic jams!
  • Low job market growth, more candidates, more competition!
  • More FDI, Lower GDP!
  • Too less though there are so many!
  • One day @5 Rs!!!

 India is all set to take a ‘do or die’ decision on a ‘now or never’ situational background. What do you think?



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