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The South Asian Band Festival: Delhi (For Under-30 Music Lovers)


Music is everyone’s preference. No doubt, each particular type of music has its global listeners and they don’t only listen the music; they refer, share, store and pay for the music. I know, you must be a music lover and if you are staying in Delhi/NCR, I have something to inform you. This November and December, you are going to ROCK!!

You love Rock Music?

Folk Music! Ya! traditional… regional one????

Music is a proper combination of madness, emotion, rhythm and expression with comfortable wave-length where culture, region, language become different parameters to measure the audience, preference and reach.

If you get a chance to feel the music beyond language, beyond geographical barricades and culture???

Come let me introduce you with South Asian Band Festival.

Indian Council for Cultural Relations and ‘Seher’ do this job with passion every year. The South Asian Band Festival is just a signature of their passion of music and excellence of management. Three day long Musical Maha-Mela at Old Fort… I just love the event. Along with awesome performances of many renowned artists, The South Asian Band Festival is a place to check out upcoming and off-beat bands. For the first time when I attended this festival, I listened to Mrigaya, a Delhi based musical band and for the next three years, I am just following the band to experience more and more live performances of them. Many bands from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other south Asian countries perform here to rock the old rocks of the oldest fort of Delhi. Superb audio effect and awesome ambiance inside old fort; perfectly portrays the multi-cultural experiences of India.

This time, the festival is going to start on 29th November 2013.

So on 30th and 1st December!!! There can be no other options to welcome the chillness of Delhi-December.


This time I am not going to miss LRB, Papon and The East India Company, Stings, and Raghu Dixit project. No doubt I have to attend the festival every day.

LRB:  Ayub Bachchu, Swapan, Masud and Romel.. The most popular rock band in Bangladesh and West Bengal.  “Sei tumi keno eto ochena hole.” Being a bong… A LRB live is one of few dreams…

Angaraag Mahanta (Papon): The Killer!! No need to mention his rhythm in motion voice. His music is just audio porn!

Raghu Dixit project is going to rock for sure. Specially Raghu Dixit’s Indi-folk mixes with a western madness!!!!  Wah! Just amazing!!!!

Stings: “Na jaane Kyun”, I love their vocal approach. I am quite sure, you too love Strings.

Check out Moom hae-won, lead vocal of the Korean band Biuret.


You know, the trend of music is changing. People are getting the hardness of expression and social demand through folk softness or disk bits. I am confident enough that you will find a band of your preferences. Few bands I found superb in previous sessions and I am sure this time I am going to explore and enjoy more and more.

Let me know if you are coming this time.


4 responses to “The South Asian Band Festival: Delhi (For Under-30 Music Lovers)

  1. Nagesh G (@nagesh0280) November 23, 2013 at 9:52 p11

    How can I get tickets to this event – South Asian Bands Festival 2013?


  2. Nagesh G (@nagesh0280) November 23, 2013 at 9:52 p11

    Can you please reply to this post instead of the earlier one? I just checked the “Notify through email” for this one. Thanks!


    • pinaki pratihar November 23, 2013 at 9:52 p11

      No – ‘Entry -Fee’. It is a Govt of Ind Initiative. You just need to be there on time…


    • pinaki pratihar November 23, 2013 at 9:52 p11

      Hi Nagesh, Which bands you are going to catch up there…???


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