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When you are ready for your campus placement

For any professional courses, campus placement is the ultimate factor and sometimes this is the sweetest and crucial moment of your life. In India, more than 97% students are doing courses to get a job. So, if you are reading this article, I am considering you in this group.

Not taking so many times these are the things, a job seeker through campus placement should follow.


Be positive: Be positive about you and be positive about the company. Both are great and each one can give a lot to another one. So, set your moods.

Profile/Domain: Be strict to your domain. If you are not going to be a project manager, think, how this can lead you to your dream job.

Research: Read about the company profile and try to understand the process. Search the existing employees of that particular company and specially the position you are applying for. Check out, what they have written about their job profile. Now your turn, can you be a perfect fit with this profile?

Mind the steps: When you are on LinkedIn and you have so many data about the company, check the people, working in that company, their educational and professional background. Run your eyes on the profile of your seniors and ex employees. What is their career graph and where they are working now. Now, you have a long term planning solutions.. got it?

Fraud:  So many companies I can name have wrong/misleading information on the web-page. Many a times, it becomes too much tough to find out. Be sure about that; ask seniors and your network: “please send me a quick review about XYZ Company”. Definitely you will receive few responses. So, check, till you are dead sure.


FAQs: You have internet. Check out interview FAQs. Prepare as per your understanding. Frame few most common questions, so that you can catch the flow of conversation.

You and job: Justify, Justify to you, justify to your parents, seniors and to the interviewer. Let them know you are the best for the job.

Go ahead. We would love to hear something from you.


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