Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying

Reflection, Imitation, Experience

After the Breakup

Normally it is said, ‘being in love is a magical feelings’. I agree completely. The world starts changing around you and few particular traits of your behaviour and mentality become stronger and mature with time, when you are in love. Art and the industry has invested uncountable time and money to express the heavenly feeling.

But, what about the days after a normal break-up? An ending of a relationship without any complaints, without any more tears… a bit surprising and confusing a lot. May be after a decade long relationship, with a long distance factor, any relationship becomes too much associated with many technical facilities and particulars, where your silent prayers and wishes always remain ‘not reachable’ due to technical insufficiency and a non technical mind working in you.

Love may be some heavenly feelings but a relationship is always a regular practice and summation of so many efforts. Sometimes, it was more daily habits for me.

Here are the few easy tips to set you in normal life.


1: Eat More: It is essential, believe me. It help you to sleep well.

2: Shopping: Not only for girls, for boys also, make it more frequent.

3: Hang up more with friends: They are your best mental doctors.

4: Change your daily routine: Believe me, it is too much effective to change your lifestyle. Add more exciting things in your life.

5: Develop a passion: Read, write, sports, gym, music, travelling, sleeping, internet search, movies, Photography, events, parties, blogging… even you can build it with a cup of coffee.

6: Work: Good one, it helps you to be more perfect in your career.

7:  Meeting more people: It keeps you alive

8: Old friends: Remember them and get surprised when they will recall you with just a ‘Hello’.

9: Move on: Move on, get out of your room, travel, take a camera and find the world is more beautiful than what you think.

Last suggestion, don’t get addicted to any type of unhealthy habits. Be more health conscious, coz, a fit body can heal your mind. Wait for someone else, because life is more important than any relation.


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