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Panchayet vote in West Bengal and the life after

So, the panchayet vote is here, the widest responders, huge number of vote seekers and over all this election is the key to touch the base of West Bengal. If you are dreaming to be safe at the top, take care of your base.

Panchayet vote in any state plays a vital role. It assure you a bigger reach, better communication and a proper scope for development. Another factor, it gives a government a better stability for a longer period.

Its been few days more than two years, West Bengal has experienced the historical change. As per the media responses, people are more depressed as the govt is not meeting their expectation and well-wishes. Still, I would love to keep my bet on the current govt!

The reason is only and only lack of a proper third party. People are not willing to be with red any more. They can wait. Another reason, the pattern of changes happened in West Bengal. It started from the city, then spread across the municipality areas and now the change is going to make an impact over the smallest unites and villages. I think, the circle is not complete. A lot of changes are waiting to surprise us.

The current government will lose existing seats, but, the difference will be there, the rural areas are still dreaming for a better hope and life.



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