Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying

Reflection, Imitation, Experience

Delhi Govt. a failure. Not the People

Delhi, it will take a long time for you.

Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying

What more you can do with this Govt?

Incident: 1

A girl, gang raped, Injured. People reached their Media covered every poster. Social Media pages became over crowded. My neighbour, and old ‘Dadi’ who can not hear properly, asked, ‘Beta, how is that girl now? Is she still alive?’ and the coolest Delhi people, talking with semi-known, unknown co-passengers about the incident and protests.

Police, used tear gas, lathi-charged, Stopped the normal way to reach India Gate, closed ImageMetro station and now on TV, Blaming Media that Media is not assisting Govt and is not enough mature to handle such cases! Ohh! great….

No leader dared to give any statement and just excusing the Constitution-the Indian Rule Book, written many years ago. When people never imagined such brutal situations and the effectiveness of Social and more social media and may be never imagined such slow judicial policies! Dr. Ambedkar written it in…

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