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Seven wonders of International Client Development

banijya basah laxmi”  (Money is in Business) and when you are doing the business with few international wealthy people, Indian history and ancient stories are proof of Indian excellence in business so many thousand years ago. In that era, Indian focuses on  countries like Java, Indonesia, Arab, Egypt etc . Now the scope has been spread across the world and due to globalization , business is open, smooth and more secure.Image

International Client Development, in a traditional way it means developing clients sitting in a room, along with a networked computer and telephone.  Calling, mailing, jumping via social media, chatting and messaging everything you are allowed to do and you just reach them in time of client’s need. You have a huge data-base existing and growing by you or your system.

International Client development is a bit different from normal sales process. The main difference is your offerings. International client development is more about standard products and services where quality has so many means to measure.

So many Indian companies depend on International clients,


     International clients focus on price/quality offered

     Easy money and on-time payment

    International exposure and higher payment

You need a clear understanding about the industry; you should have a sound knowledge about your offerings, a good understanding of the follow up process and understanding the need of a client through follow ups.

Apart from these, you should know about social media platform and it’s utility to grow or generate a business, good communication skills and an International marketer should be a good team player.

The seven tools of international Business Development:

The below factors an organization should have to grow perfectly on International platform:

  1. Online presence: A dynamic website is not everything, each employee has to be an online presence via LinkedIn, twitter, pinterest in every possible way the organization can have a better reach to their clients. Sharing regular activities of these accounts and promotions increase the traffic to company website and visibility across the offerings.

         Personal branding: Each sales person should be careful about their personal branding over Internet media. This is quite attractive part for each employee. Spending more time on networking sites and forums are the most reliable place to generate potential leads. Relevant LinkedIn groups, online forums and discussions, twitter are the best examples of generating real-time hot leads. The more you can network in these platforms, the more leads you can generate! I would suggest you people want it to do in a smart way,   A true example of smart work!

2: Cold Call/Skype/ webex: Cold call is dead, till you don’t have a good platform and identified potential leads. Though I think, it is still alive as this is one of the quickest and traditional ways to differentiate the leads as per their status and comments. Skype is more relevant, trustworthy and effective way to communication. Though so many companies you can find till date are not updated with a Skype account in office. Sometimes it takes a longer time to fix an appointment.

Still a video chat keeps more value than a cold-call!

3: CRM: The repeater of leads. The software will guide you to sales closer and it always collaborate the sales team to take a broader decisions. CRM always make a better future for sales in terms of lead-data-storage, follow-up process guide, Bulk promotional mails and act as a programmed decision maker. A proper utilization and regular update of each detail about a particular lead always gives a better outcome. The most important functionality of CRM is segmenting the leads, which makes the follower process easier and more effective.

4: E-Mail: Email has no other substitute till date, the best supportive communication process and always authentic to approach. One thing I feel about a mailing factor, it always contain a signature or a contact details, which can be saved for future purpose. If you want to be an international business personality, learn to draft ‘short and sweet’ emails.

5: Push: Learn to push products or services to clients and for that home-work is more important. Know your client, before you approach. The best way to know is LinkedIn, facebook and company website. Check and understand, what you can offer to your client, for that, you have to know about your products and services very well. Too many times I have seen so-many clients love to ask about core operations factors to a sales person.

6: Follow-up process: An organization should have a proper and scientific follow-up process so that at-least the client should not feel any attempt process irritating considering this factor, the follow up process should be flexible as Leads are actually human being. Little moderation is needed, like a follow-up note after each attempt to contact via call or video chat these small initiatives creates a good impact.

7: Team-Team-Team work: Teamwork and a good collaboration to manage the lead-entry and follow up are too important. Otherwise, it can create a negative impact on result. I would like to put some real incidents

Let me put some cases and facts (whatever you like),

  1. A potential client, based in Australia, was been followed by a team member for almost two months and as per the follow-up process, the lead had received three calls and three mails. In a repetition process starting by a mail. First call, potential client replied positively, second call was a voice message and third call some other employee received and few negative reactions as the contact person mentioned they usually don’t need such services and requested not to follow so frequently. Sales person took 6 months to send the next follow-up email seeking some update of the lead status.

He got shocked by receiving an email form the client within a minute,

“Stop the harassment please. You are insisting towards several colleagues of mine and this is getting on our nerves. If we need you, we will know where to find you.”

  1. ‘A’ talked with potential client ‘X’ and X told that they have all the required information about A’s company so asked not to call them again. A decided to send them emails sometimes and spread the word to all his colleagues ‘B’ and ‘C’ who had leads from the same company. B and C went under same follow up process as mentioned by the client development team. One month back C received a reply form client,

“Good morning C,

Could I please request with immediate effect, that to stop any kind of communication like mail or call to my office.


These all are mainly lack of proper team co-ordination and information sharing. CRM is most useful thing for this.. No doubt but some-one should be there who can control the mobility of leads.

Personally I think, the target should be based on a group for International client development profile and each groups should be segmented well so, not a single receptionist receive calls twice in a week, from different employees.


  1. Distribute each countries to be targeted  in different groups
  2. Lead should be a company-office location, not a decision maker. You can highlight a person out of few sub-leads. You can contact individuals through direct number, skype ID but when you are dialing an office land number, ask for the most eligible one or some-one who gives you takes interest in your calls or mails.
  3. Try new things, out of all the instructions, but inform your senior before doing that.
  4. People hate changes sometimes, so keep your roots in bases and grow where you can reach the maximum!
  5. Know, your clients mood and need. Do-not call in pick-time or in morning.
  6. Be in their world-be online.
  7. Discuss with your colleagues, create cases and make out solutions  and always have fun, smile when you talk, keep your energy high…. You are calling people.

Now you speak………”Hello…..”


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